Swarovski Crystal Pedicure (read:muscle ache,but hey Babe, get your shades on)

Hi peeps !

As always on the lookout for something extra to add to my “new” skills, I fancied having a go at getting my toenails (or somebody elses) done in all this fab bling that everybody is talking about. I already had a few spare “diamonds” from blinging my skull over the last 6 months. A project I called finished as it was doing my head in. Just the eye sockets took me around 3 hours. Never thought it would be this much work, here was I thinking of doing  skulls in different colors etc etc well, call it  abandoned !

Toes seemed like a better and a smaller project with an achievable deadline to me. So for starters I glued a few crystals on my ring finger but the size I used was a SS10 which is far to big and bulky. After doing some homework on my best friend called Internet, I came to the  conclusion SS 5 would be the right size. So next I ordered  400 crystals AB, 400 clear crystals and 400 in the most beautiful Capri Blue (expensive, Ouch! ). I sooo need to get a nice polish to go with that, will look fab on toes with blue jeans,or any colour jeans, anyway you catch my drift.


As you know from earlier posts I have been educated to work with Gelish, a fabulous product. I conferred with my instructor Emma about getting these darn crystals to stay down. We agreed on the same procedure, prepping those tootsies really well as usual, then adding soak off structure Gel. This is really important as you don’t want to glue you crystals straight on to your nail plate because that would mean filing through them when you want them off and possible damage to you poor nail so that’s a definite no-no !        You want those babies soaked off all gentle in 15 min. Right, back to the procedure, place crystals and then cure in LED/UV lamp.I didn’t want to put a finishing clear layer on as it takes so much shine away, people say it doesn’t, but it DOES ! Tried it on one of my little piggies and it just went dullllll compared to the others.

Started with my big toe and here you should have seen me, I can now apply for a job in Cirque du Soleil as a contortionist for sure !

Trying to get to my toes was far more difficult than expected as I was trying to get in the best position to access them to prep & apply foundation coat followed by structure Gel. Then place Crystals, damn things were sliding all over the place, sweatbeads forming on my nose…. knees next to ears, one arm under one leg, pheww, have a try for an hour and a half and see how you fare….

The result though was worth it though, I posted my piccies on Facebook, on my new page The Little Beauty Box, traffic went ape on there. It was blindingly sparkley and very much admired by lots of people, so I admit I was feeling rather chuffed with myself 🙂

I was aching like crazy though and very protective of these new acquired little jewels, so   flip-flops it was for the first few days and everybody noticed my feet. Now I am not very happy about my feet, always told my mum and dad they could have finished that job off a bit better but it’s to late now for that, isn’t it? I do find it rather uncomfortable when people stare at my feet but to advertise my wares it just had to be done. No pain no gain !       Even when I have been told that my second toe ,which is significantly longer then I want it to be, is a sign of intelligence and also called an Egyptian toe?                                 Whatever that may mean ….. Hope it’s not related to a Camel toe, a rather worrying thought….

I never forget last year on the X factor, the girl band Little Mix, that won and that girl Jesy  was wearing a legging in the final which was not very flattering. And other people on Twitter noticed the same as me and the following was tweeted:

“Jesy’s camel toe is looking very festive tonight!”

See, I don’t want to be remembered like that, that is awful, all you accomplish in life and that one is going to be one people remember you by !

Btw, this is not Jesy ! Only explaining camel toes to Newbies….

I am now approximately 3 weeks in my Crystal pedicure and have had to glue a few back on with Gelbond because strappy shoes do rub my diamonds the wrong way, I just think it’s a very wicked way of doing your tootsies like this for an occasion (getting married) or lovely chilling out days on holiday or just because you can ! As this is not a cheap procedure ( In Manchester City Centre  they charge £125.00 for this privilege) you really need to take care of your feet if you want it to last but people do have them on for sometimes more than 3 /4 weeks! I fear  that when I take them off (soak off Gelish) it will be a rather dull and boring sight. I think this could be quite addictive !

So these tootsies are ready to party !!!!

Thanks for reading and See ya all  real sooooon xxx

The Orange Cow


PS. look what I got for my birthday      →