Lola is going to Paradise


Our beautiful Lola has booked her ticket to Paradise. She is waiting to board for this final trip, albeit a tad apprehensive, but she feels it is time to leave us.  We will miss her terribly but know she will be happier there. We are convinced a warm welcome will await her at Heavens Doors. Maybe there will be a few handsome chaps queuing  to entertain our gorgeous lady ? Just be nice to her guys, she is soft and loving so treat her with the respect she deserves. Show her around in those Eternal Hunting Grounds and make sure she settles in ok so we don’t have to worry about her. Tell her we will miss her forever

 Lola, have a little read below so you know where you will be travelling to. It will put your mind at ease :

What happens in Dog Heaven

When Dogs go to heaven, They don’t need wings because God knows that dogs love running best…

He Gives them fields. Fields and fields and fields.

When a dog first arrives in Heaven, he just runs.

Dog Heaven has clear, wide lakes, filled with geese who honk and flap and tease. The dogs love this. They run beside the water and bark and bark and God watches them from behind a tree and smiles..

And. oh, the dog biscuits. Biscuits and biscuits as far as the eye can see. 

God has a sense of humour  so he makes His biscuits in funny shapes for His dogs. There are kitty-cat biscuits and squirrel biscuits. Ice Cream biscuits and ham-sandwich biscuits. 

Every angel who passes by has a biscuit for a dog. And of course, all God’s dogs sit when angels say “Sit”. Every dog becomes a good dog in Heaven. 

God turns clouds inside out to make fluffy beds for the dogs in Dog Heaven, and when they are tired from running and barking and eating ham-sandwich biscuits, the dogs each find a cloud for sleeping. They turn around and around in the cloud… until it feels just right, and then they curl up.. and they sleep. God watches over each one of them and there are no bad dreams. 

Dogs in Dog Heaven have almost always belonged to somebody on Earth and. of course the dogs remember this. Heaven is full of memories. So sometimes an angel will walk a dog back to Earth for a little visit and quietly, invisibly, the dog will sniff about his old backyard, will investigate the cat next door, will follow the child to school, will sit on the front porch and wait for the mail. When he is satisfied that all is well, the dog will return to Heaven with the angel. It is where dogs belong, near God who made them. 

Dogs in Dog Heaven may stay as long as they like and this can mean forever. They will be there when old friends show up. They will be there at the door.. Angel Dogs

See my Darling ? I told you, there is nothing to worry about …

2012-07-21 14.34.36


My Favorite Accessory – House of Gelish

!House of Gelish

Hi !

As said before, I couldn’t make up my mind which Gelish colour to choose for my next application. In the end My favorite Accessory won the battle. This one is part of the House of Gelish , a beautiful blue/ turquoise with no shimmers.

My favorite Accessory

I bought it in Manchester at the Professional Beauty show together with My Forbidden Love which is also extremely yummi.

You will find some reviews about House of Gelish on lots of blogs. It seems you have to be careful not to apply it to thick as it apparently wrinkles quite easy but for some mysterious reason My favorite Accessory does not.  Big sigh of relief because at the time I was not aware of this, just glad I didn’t invest in the more “difficult” colours from that particular collection.

It applied really easy, nice coverage and 2 coats did the job, thank God, I think all Gelish polishes should cover in two coats as time is of the essence when you have people waiting. So, dead happy , the shine is amazing,  it’s a winner as far as I am concerned and am really pleased my customers love it too.

My Favorite Accessory

What I also like about it that it can be worn as well in summer as in winter because it’s bright enough for sunny days and dark enough for more wintry days. Goes fab with jeans, definitely a colour with an edge but still looking classy !

It’s a short one this week but there is more to come , feel free to subscribe to my blog and see you all next time.

Tata for now ,xxxx

My Forbidden Love (you want it just for the name…)

Hello !

Back again for some more Gel polish reviews ! As autumn is upon us it’s time to look at the more wintry red colours in my Gelish collection. I already have Hot Rod Red and Good Gossip which are  vivid reds.

My eye fell on Queen of Hearts and My forbidden Love as they are so lush, both deep rich reds with gorgeous shimmers, so difficult to choose ! As we (my daughter and I) were going to the Pro Beauty  exhibition in Manchester,we decided to go and see the goodies in real time. My forbidden Love is not a new colour and was brought out as a limited edition. A phone call to Nail Harmony Uk assured us this particular colour would be available. Luckily we had a VIP ticket as the queue on Sunday morning was already ginormous. Added to that the very mean 1 Degree Celsius outside, we were very pretty pleased to be able to get our by then very cold bits inside. Our first pit stop was always going to be Nail Harmony.

Arriving there we had a good old snoop around and we both decided to buy My Forbidden Love, as it was as gorgeous as we hoped it to be ! I also bought My favorite Accessory

from the House of Gelish collection to which I will come to another time but, wow, do I like that one too !

House of Gelish

After a long day at the exhibition, feet sore, trolley full, I got persuaded to soak my daughters Gelish off. They were still looking fab but the girl was keen. So prep it was,  by this time I felt I could do with a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc, a nod and a bit of just staring in space as I was shattered. So I painted her right hand as that is obviously the trickier one to do on yourself. So for no reason whatsoever it shrunk on her nails before going in the LED light, I only ever had that with After Party Espresso. Infuriating ! ARGGG. We still don’t know why it did that and it shouldn’t because it spoils a good painting session. So once 5 fingers were done it was a race against time to get the free edge quickly touched up again before curing it pronto.

The result  is fabuloso though. What do you think ?

I was keen myself to soak my colour off but mine were still looking mint. I shopped around for a black Gel polish some weeks ago. After hearing that the Gelish Night Shadow is a bit of nightmare ie, watery,needs at least 3 coats and so on I asked around if anybody knew a solid black Gel polish. Apparently the Shellac one, Black Pool, covers fantastic but it’s advised not to use it with a LED light. So, not an option.

In the end I decided to try a Gellux one which was around £ 15.00. It covered great in two coats so happy days! Reviews informed me that soaking off can be difficult with this brand, I hope not, but we will see it when we get to it. I then decided to jazz it up a bit with matte silver nail studs, firstly I placed them in the tacky layer of my Top it Off, covered with another topcoat. But the day after I already lost a few. My friend Gelbond came out again and helped me to get these studs to stay. Mmmm does that sound weird ?


Anyway the studs are not moving and I love the result hence no soaking off for me yet, which in a way is good because I can’t make my mind up about my next choice of colour : My forbidden Love or My favorite Accessory ? Help !

See you hopefully on the next round ! xxx

It’s Carnaval Hangover in Gelish Land !

Hi !

As mentioned in a previous Blog I ordered Carnaval Hangover as I didn’t have a purple in my collection of Gelish. I also wanted it to be a purple not too dark and without shimmers.This is what is was supposed to look like :

or in real life :

Third one from the left is the one !

I think it’s a gorgeous colour but I already heard through the grapevine that the colour had changed somehow. Either they changed the formula or something and why ? So when my Carnaval Hangover arrived I was so disappointed because it is more like a dark pink instead of Purple. Never mind, I applied it to myself and this is how it came out:

Still a beautiful colour but it’s only darker version of Sugar & Spice ‘n Everything Nice. Gorgeous shine but still no  purple. Did a few of my clients hands in this yummi shade

It’s so lushhhh.

In the meantime Nail Harmony brought out some new colours in the It’s for You collection called : It Girl

It Girl

And in the House of Gelish collection , a purple called Cocktail Party Drama.

Cocktail Party Drama

All very attractive but a bit dark as I wanted an in between purple. So what did I do? I mixed Carnaval Hangover with some drops of Caution ( Dark metallic blue) and that came out fab !

My own Mix

and this is the same one but in different light :

My own mix in different light

That’s more like it, honestly it is to die for ! Vibrant and funky, love love love it !

See you next time and get Gelished !


Lola Upwards and Onwards !

Lola, still blue eyed here ❤

Hi everybody

Had almost a heart attack  Wednesday evening, Lola was snoozing upside down on the sofa as she usually does. Something startled her and she got up but as she tried to get off the couch she fell over. Thought she lost her balance but as she walked on she fell again, my heart just seemed to stop for a bit. She was very unsteady and I called my other half. He took both of the dogs out and she got steadier but we were very worried for obvious reasons. The thing is after a bit she was back to normal. Don’t know what this was all about and whether it’s related, I suppose it is? So the day after we called our local Vet and picked up some steroids which hopefully will make her feel & walk better as it could reduce the swelling around the tumour.

Woke up early Friday, it’s raining cats & dogs and it’s very dark, not stimulating to get up ! Wanted to go downstairs to see how my baby is doing today. My other half asked me to wait because he wanted to see her coming out of her room himself. We opened the door and they busted both through the door, really wild. They were desperate to get out so opened the front door and even Lola stormed outside.

Her membrane on her eye has disappeared quite a bit which makes her look better and she is definitely limping less already and she has had only 1 tablet.

In the afternoon she had a good old tootle around in the garden, really having fun, chasing an unfortunate mouse through the field. Her tail was going at 100 p/h. Obviously the poor mouse didn’t stand a chance ! So with another brutal kill on her long list, Lola thought, enough action for this afternoon, let’s get into the office where they have made a nice comfy bed for me. It makes me sad though, happy to see her bouncing around, sad because I know it won’t last….

Hunting is fatiguing !

The office floor is a bit cold so we went in the loft and found an old Ikea duvet. A proper cheapo, as my son pointed out after a rather cold night  : in bed the duvet is like an unbendable ( is this a proper word ?)straight piece of cardboard on top off you,  no nice folding around the body stuff,  oh no Sir ! Felt a bit sorry for my son at the time so we invested in some better quality duvet but hey ho, the old one is coming in handy now. It was kicking around in the hall but I wanted to zigzag it in the middle and cut it up in two pieces. One for each dog. My other half had no such patience and decided to cut it in two. Zack & Lola thought this half duvet in the office was the best idea ever. They spend a very creative half hour making snow with the filling.  And this is what madam did for the rest of the day 🙂

a bit of this :

Stacking is goood

And some of that :

Does my belly look big like this ?

So today was a great day ! Happy stuff

Lola – Aftermath

Lola, the day after the world stopped for us

Hi everybody

Tuesday after we got the verdict has passed somehow, I don’t remember much except that on the most unsuitable moments I had  a cry, came like a wave over me. Everything seemed to trigger me. Had to go to the supermarket because life goes on and got somehow food in the trolley. I couldn’t get warm at all. In the afternoon I dragged myself to Creative Academy in Leigh because they had an open day and Holly Schippers, the legend from YouTube was there : the Fingernailfixer. Obviously something not to be missed. The place was heaving and  I just wandered around trying to keep my mind busy with other things. Unsuccessfully.

Lola was obviously a lot better in the morning except for a bald patch on her back from the spinal tab and a few other shaved bits from where her drip was inserted, she was keen to start the new day ! Her appetite is phenomenal and looking at her is very hard to accept that Lola’s days are numbered. Her heart, kidneys, liver brain, everything is ticketyboo yet something nasty is going to take her away from us.

What’s all the fuss,? Me, I am just chillin’

Had also a call from Chestergates regarding her spinal tab, they found no abnormal cells in the spinal fluid. Don’t really think it makes much difference anyway . Only her protein levels were higher, which just confirms the diagnosis of compression on the spinal cord. Still don’t know if it is aggressive or not. And as much as I ask, nobody has an answer for me. The vet said if it was slow growing , Lola could last long.

What is long? It’s all very relative isn’t it? For me long is to have her with us for another year, now that’s proper long. But somehow I don’t think she meant that long. In the worst case scenario it could be only a month and that is really frighteningly short. See I would struggle with that. I think because she goes about her life in a normal way, except for the limp of course, I am now lulled into a false sense of everything is “alright”, no immediate urgency yet. I can almost pretend she is absolutely fine.


The Orange Cow   

Lola, My love

Zack and Lola

Even typing this title makes my eyes well up. Lola is one of our two Weimaraners. We got her and her brother Zack about 6 years ago and 2 puppies at once meant there was chaos in da house 24/7.

Lola , first day at home

First day at home

Lola has lately been limping which is not so unusual as she likes to try to climb into trees, fences etc. Sometimes she and Zack have an argument that gets very heated and they end up in fistycuffs.This can result in having to run to the vet for some stitching, a puncture wound or a wounded ego. But yes, shortly before the limping started, they fell out and it was short & sharp. In general we just keep the dog in question calm and after a day everything is back to normal.

A little scrap can look awesome

But this time it just wouldn’t budge so we decided to pay the vet a visit. She got x-rayed and put on a weekly injection as they thought there was a tendon injury in her upper front leg. For 3 weeks we went back and she was lovely and behaved so well in the waiting room. But we still saw no improvement. We were told it could take till after the 4th injection before we would see any change. Last Friday though when I looked at her she looked weird. I couldn’t at first pinpoint what was so strange about her until I suddenly realised one of her pupils wouldn’t dilate. I knew something was wrong and went on Google immediately to find out more. Already told my other half we should ring the vet as it was Friday afternoon and if this was urgent, weekends are the worst to find somebody ! He didn’t think it was this urgent  and said we should wait for Tuesday when Lola would get her last injection. But after explaining to the vet, they wanted to see us. So off we went. The vet immediately linked her eye issue which is called Horner’s Syndrome and her limp together as they were on the same side and told us there was maybe a lesion on the spinal cord. He advised us to get her scanned and referred us to Chestergates Referral Hospital

Chestergates rang us on Sunday and an appointment was made for Monday morning. Needless to say we didn’t sleep very well… So once there, we went through the whole thing again and she was going to have her MRI scan and a spinal tab the same day and we would be able to pick her up in the evening. Can’t really remember much of the afternoon to be honest so when they rang after five, we jumped in the car and raced back. After anxious waiting we were called in and they showed us the scan results. Lots of medical terminology were used but basically our Lola has a tumour that is inoperable for different reasons. It’s in the wrong position, almost under her shoulder blade plus it is pressing on the spinal cord and surrounded by major blood vessels so if operated upon she could potentially bleed to death or get paralysed. It’s is difficult to describe this sinking feeling when listening to a vet giving you this verdict. Felt like my heart was being ripped out. We had a conversation about giving her steroids but I told her we needed to ring her back about all these things as we were far too upset to take it all in. Which she completely understood off course. So then they went to collect our darling who was still groggy and we just wanted to take her home. It was the longest drive ever and between getting emotional on and off, we had to make sure we didn’t crash in another car as we were so devastated it was hard to concentrate on driving.

So here we are, a few days later and a  bit more steady. I have decided to write this blog about Lola and what is going to happen next. I hope it moves you in some ways, hope it will bring a smile to those who know her well. I don’t know where it is going to take me but I am taking this last ride with her, filled with love but sad to the core and so grateful she is part of our lives.